A shifting vision

As a photographer, I have always been aware that a horizon line is a constant in most of my still life imagery. I have even arranged images along the median, creating a common horizon line. (check out the post from Dec/Jan)

Now I find my self developing a completely different viewpoint with the horizontal.

This is where I began to notice this shift.

This image’s working title is “Weird Last Supper”.

As I created images for my most recent solo show, 3.3.10 NYC. I found that I was struggling to keep things contained.

This image “Parade”, is actually part of a series, which the following image is also from and was included in my 3.3.10 show last year.

This is Circus, the working title. These images are on my website if you want to reference them click on this link    Still life gallery

This is where I find myself, struggling against the format as I am trying to compose and create new images. I realize for many other photographers this might not be a struggle. For myself the majority of my imagery is vertically based.
At this time I am feeling horizontally challenged.

I only write about this because it has just became clear to me why I am struggling.
The only explanation is to finish with a viewing of recent travel photos that are cropped to what I was seeing, not to what was actually shot.
Because it is the only way to explain it to myself.

One comment I feel is important before I show more, is that these past images are taken with an old Polaroid Land Camera, which measure 3 x 4 more or less.

The following were digital point and shoot or iphone camera setting was standard not panoramic.

The final image for this post, I felt it needed a slight comment. The intent of this image was to be an auto-portrait. I took a number of them during this trip after experiencing an amazing show of Andre Kertez’ s photographs in Paris at Jeu de Paume.


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