July Post In Memorium

This post is dedicated to a bug.
Not just a bug but a rather larger mosquito found expired in my studio last year.

Who, I was able to place in a photograph that I was struggling to find the missing link.

The finished photograph turned into the invite image for my last exhibit titled “Minutes”

After this photo was taken the bug was placed under a glass funnel.
As this was all I had at the time on my counter
that would allow me to continue to admire this beautiful insect.

A philosopher would have had a better chance of solving this riddle.

It has sat under this glass in my  abandoned studio space.
There were many reasons I had to move back into the house.
The primary reason being way too many spiders.
An artist should no have to vacuum spiders daily to be able to work.

Spiders from a distance can be tolerated.
Spider webs are amazing
Visible and invisible at the same time.

So after a year of sitting under a glass funnel this is what my mosquito became.


So I thanked the bug for allowing me to use it in a photograph
and returned it to the elements so that it could continue its cycle and become dust.

Terminator Mode

A root of an equation is a number which substituted into the equation instead of an unknown converts the equation onto an identity. the root is said to satisfy the equation. Solving an equation implies finding all of its roots. An equation that is always satisfied, no matter the choice of values for its unknown, is called an identity.

The Girl Who Played With Fire


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