June Post

I thought I would start off with an event that is for myself inspirational.
Music and the beautiful pristine Flint Hills.
My grandmother came from here, these hills sing out to me.

Endless rolling seaRolling over and over and over endlessly.

A friend in New York City asked if I missed the water.
My reply was in all the years of living in NYC,
I missed the sky.
NYC felt like a large canyon.

To me this is Big Sky Country.

5th annual Symphony in the Flint Hills
(my 3rd)

Some photos of the event

Historic Schoolhouse outside Canyon Falls, Ks.
on the way to Bazaar, Ks the “location” of this years event.

Stagecoach  in the distance.
One of the many activities and educational events
provided during the day before the concert starts.

Cows awaiting.

Just another view of the 600 acre ranch that is hosting the event this year.

Lone Cowboy watching the cattle

Cattle run!! Up and over the hills behind the stage and symphony to the music.
Go Marlboro Man Go!!

Lyle Lovett with the Kansas City Symphony.
the owner of the ranch met Lyle when he was working on a film
about the Flint Hills with PBS  a few years back.
Since the concert was on his ranch he invited Lyle to perform with the symphony.
That was some big band.

As always the best part of the event

This year it reminded me of a sunset
I watched with a dear friend on the beach at Golden Gate Park.
She told me that on a clear night that there can be a flash as the sun
sinks below the horizon.
It could happen on this endless horizon, or not.
but it was beautiful and quiet.

Final shot as we are heading back to the city
One last glance over horizon at the Flint Hills.


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2 Responses to June Post

  1. Beth says:

    Flint Hills! Do you know about the call for artists for the Visions of the Flint Hills Art Benefit and Sale? Here’s a link just in case ya don’t:

  2. connie says:

    Need an updated post on flint hills this year and Room 39.

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